Why is Business Analytics important for business


More than 3 billion people are using the Internet (as of May, 2015) with the help of a smart phone, a desktop, a laptop or maybe even a tablet. As the power and reach of Internet increases, the IT industry expands, creating jobs for professionals who have been trained to work for IT firms. Positions such as Business Analyst (BA) are needed for supplementing the program developer as he is the one who gets the required projects from the client for the programmer to complete.

Business Analytics (BA) have an intrinsic role in the running of any company as the basic motive for any company is financial gains, which can only be gained by developing an efficient business pitch to the clients. A Business Analyst (BA) is responsible for analysing the design stages within the resources available to the company. Business Analytics (BA) deals in analysing the current scenario of the company and matches it with the demand in the market. Every project that is procured by the company undergoes a solution oriented evaluation that presents many answers for the same problem.

  • Why are Business Analysts indispensable for business

Since they are responsible for the handling of clients, a good Business Analyst (BA) is always laying the foundation for future business that can be generated from an old client. It is very important to know and understand the needs and requirements of the client/customer who is looking for the services or the product that the company provides. All across the globe, the IT Sector is rapidly expanding regardless of the status of the country's development.
The job of a BA is one that provides excellent job security as well since a company would not fire someone responsible for getting new business even at a time of recession where job cuts are rampant.

  • Business Analyst in the IT industry

The IT industry runs primarily due to Software Development firms which work in a B2B environment by designing software for other companies. This software will now be the backbone of their functioning and requires regular maintenance for better business analytics. The Business Analyst (BA) is responsible for noting down the changes/updates and citing the same to the developer from the customer's point of view.

A Good Business Analyst (BA) will always have the skills and abilities to look for ways of expansion of business and also decide when a business needs to change its strategies in order to grow bigger and better than their competition. A Business Analyst (BA) will always think a step ahead and will be prepared for the execution of the next phase of Business Analytics (BA).

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